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Collaboration & Community

A photo of an outdoor projection, a brick wall of a building on the left is Everton Library and an illustrated image of books and a computer is being projected onto it. A crowd of people are gathered to watch the projections. It is late evening and in a park with grass and trees in the background.
Projections on Everton Library, 9th October 2021

Our community work follows the Respect – Connect – Reflect – Direct process outlined by Tyson Yunkaporta. Our collaborative projects include:

Scalarama: an international initiative to create a collaborative cinema celebration every September

Yore Lens on L8: hosting and advising on accessibility for Akoma Arts’ video film screening project

Community Cinema in Merseyside: with recent collaborations including Metal, Abandon Normal Devices festival & Everton Library’s 125th Birthday

Reclaiming Archives

An illustrated image with the text The Spirit of Liverpool: Reclaiming Women's Histories Through Film on a light turquoise background. By the text is an illustration of a status of a woman in robes sitting on a plinth - The Spirit of Liverpool - with a trident in one hand and the other resting on a film reel, by her stands a liver bird. She is coloured in orange, green and pink.
Design for Reclaiming Women’s Histories Through Film by Helena Geilinger, May 2019

Screen heritage programmes for communities, highlighting issues of erasure, collective memory and decolonial approaches to the archive, which include:

Home Video Day: encouraging digitalisation of analogue materials from people’s video collections.

Time Travel Cinema: projections on walls at locations exploring queer history in the city centre & local heritage in Liverpool 8, supported by Culture Liverpool

Tag L8: devising a new digital platform for communities to upload, tag and interact with their own archive material

Research & Innovation

A screenshot of 8 people on a Zoom call, each holding up a copy of the book A Nazi Word for A Nazi Thing.
Radical Cinema Reading Collective, 16th December 2020

Our approach to creating best practice is to research into alternative, holistic methodologies, where well-being and the environment are prioritised.

Centre for Cultural Value’s Collaborate Fund: one of 10 cultural sector research proposals, exploring holistic working models for community cinemas and DIY collectives.

Radical Cinema Reading Collective: creating safe online spaces to connect and be in solidarity with others through reading and discussing radical texts

58%: game-changing film programming at Liverpool Small Cinema foregrounding women, trans and non-binary filmmakers as well as cinema workers

Training & Consultancy

A photo of an outdoor cinema, a large LED screen showing the film Song of the Sea, with a group of people sitting on grass watching the screen. The image on the screen is of an animation, a small boy is talking is talking to a spirit looking into a swirl of blue water.
Song of the Sea at Bidston, Abandon Normal Devices festival 2021. Photo: Chris Foster 16

Offering our support and expertise to other cinemas and festivals through innovative and bespoke training schemes and consultancy sessions.

Come and Meet Another Me: Bradford’s National Science and Media Museum’s community programming scheme. Leading on training and facilitating community discussions

Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival Young Programmers: delivering training to young film curators for SCREENTIME a series of local events

Consultancy and advice services: clients include BFI, Abandon Normal Devices, Metal Liverpool and Storyhouse


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